« The hotel of Ar Men is like the island of Sein:
Authentic, warm, unique.
When the evening falls, the island regains its serenity and its intimacy.
The headlights light up in the distance and make it even more unreal
The gorgeous view of the sea always begun again.
The evening meal, convivial, is a door to dream.
We are here at the forefront of Europe, the extreme advance of Asia.
The islanders you meet and who have all wandered
Remind us of it in silence.
All rooms overlook the omnipresent sea.
In the opaque mist as in wind gusts
Or the sunny mornings, the hotel and the island are in communion.
Nature is here without a makeup.
There is no need to go elsewhere to reconcile with oneself. »

«… it is necessary to cultivate the places where the generosity and the desire to welcome is played each day, there is for us many years already that we taste this chance! »

« A breach in time.
A parallel world where time stops to allow us to rediscover the joys of reading, walks, good drinking and eating.
It is a therapy, to be done within a group, as a couple or alone. »